Thursday, November 22, 2012

Lyrics for: "Say Things" by James Pope

Say Things by The James Pope
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I just fuckin' say things.
I don't even know what they mean.

I'm like a fountain broken,
into the street, and I'm spraying.
Pissing every person off that drives by,
I'm like a little kid screamin' why why
I I I, I just want the answers to the questions that I seek.
But people get so angry every time they hear me speak.
And I do apologize my message is not for the meek,
the shallow voiced cowards who are too afraid and weak
It's for the wide mouthed, the blank minded, the sheep,
who are too preoccupied and distracted to fucking see,
that I've got two screws loose and I've sprung a fucking leak,
equivalent to a levy cracked flooding your fucking streets.
Or what about that same water fracked? Igniting in your sink.
I will ignite somebody, I'll ignite your brain to think,
ignite humane empathy, ignite pain and make you see
ignite the flames you spew and breath,
ignite change for you and me..
.. I'm a moke addict.
I'm so full of bull I could blow backwards,
six vultures off of three shit filled wagons.
I don't know what kinda change, you plan on incitin',
but I think this bowl will be the only thing you'll be lightin'.
So why the fuck am I here in your ear rappin'?
Well prolly cuz i got so god damn much SWAG.
N' shit half of my audience just started coughin' and gaggin'
I take back the swag act, I'm just a gingery faggot,
who spends his time on YouTube just a whinin' and rantin'
and nobodies watchin', I'd get more views if I fucked a cat.
I feel defeated, and depleted, I've had enough it's a wrap.
Fuck all you atheist fools, I'm givin' to God and that's that.
I see now how none believers fell into the Devil's trap.
I just fucking say things. I don't even know what they mean.
I'm like a theologian, with a megaphone, praying.
Foaming at the mouth while I obsess over that gay thing.
And I don't understand why people say that I am hating,
delivering the love of... Jesus Christ!
Bring salvation to those little queers, tight behinds,
can't get them off of my mind
I just wanna save them so bad,
get them down on their knees, and make them
call me their dad- I mean Father.
Gonna make him pray so hard that his jaw hurts.
And away with his homo sinner days now why bother
And then for Jesus he'll nod,
fill him with my heavenly rod- I mean God!
Damn it! Just give me a cock I'm a fraud!
I just fucking say things.

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